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What the hell is this crap, anyway?

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Welcome to the Library at the end of the internet.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re either A) bored as shit, or B) looking for written reviews on books. There are, of course, endless variables to what you could have been doing between A and B, but I won’t ask if you won’t tell.

What is the library at the end of the internet? It’s a dumpspace for thoughts on books, all kinds. Our motto here at LATEOTI (pronounced, for simplicity’s sake, ‘lateotee’) is “We read, because you assholes don’t.” Or, alternately, “we read so you can have a conflicting opinion about our opinion.” Quite possibly, it is “We read and share with you.”

Of course ‘we’ is a bit of a misnomer- I am I. A practitioner of that dying art, that second oldest of professions, the reading and enjoyment of the written word. So if you’re here to find a book, welcome. If you’re here to be a dick, that’s alright, too. Don’t expect constant updates. Life has this habit of getting in the way.


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