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My Kingdom For An Apostrophe

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You’ve noticed.

I know you have.

Maybe it was just a slip one time. You didn’t feel like scrolling up or down on your android to get to the symbols section. The person recieving the text will know what you meant. No harm done. So you hit ‘send’.

Then it happens again, only this time, instead of writing out late, it’s l8. Then you becomes u. Your makes the transition to ur. Pretty soon ur just trying 2 get the txt snt ASAP.


For the love of God, my fellow men, are we not privileged to have language? That these twenty six symbols, coming together, form a communication that works to aid in our understanding (or increasing confusion) of one another? If you have the room, why would you shorten them? Why would you wreck hundreds of thousands of years of development? To save time? No. it’s sheer laziness and it has to stop.

This I say unto you: the day a paper at school is passed in with every you a u and every skate a sk8 will signal the beginning of the end, and has probably already happened. We have among us the endless possibility of growth, development. We continuously waste it on stupid shit like Ipads, the next MP3 player, dumbing down our words and our thoughts to better fit in with the populace.

We are the populace. It is time for proper grammar to return to the confines of one hundred and sixty characters. Maybe it is a pointless endeavor, so mired are we in our culture of the stupid and our hatred of the educated. Perhaps it is too late to hope that the damage done by music videos, improper parenting, well-marketed commercials and laziness can yet be undone.

But by God, I will spell words out the way they were meant to be spelled, and I will not regret a single moment of it. You shouldn’t, either. Vive la spell check. Dictionaries for everyone.


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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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