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Welcome to the ‘About Me’ page. In theory, this is where I tell you all the important details that will make me, an abstract internet presence, feel more like a human being to you, other abstract presence. I suppose I can give it a shot.

Age: 25. Old enough to know better, young enough to be apathetic anyway.

Gender: ladyparts, with a fresh sprinkling of eldritch horror.

Current physical location: The United States, mid-atlantic.

Characters who most easily describes me to the internet: Animaniacs’ Slappy the Squirrel.  I have been told that time travel was involved in an in-depth study of my personality to create the persona of Daria Morgendorffer. This is as of yet unfounded.

Religious bent: church of ‘everyone just get the fuck along why don’t you’.

Political bent: Everyone is an idiot and I’m amazed we aren’t dead yet.

Favorite book: transient.

Level of Education: four year bachelor’s degree, three years retail hell.

Hobbies: reading, writing about reading, buying jewelry, writing postcards, having one sided conversations with inanimate objects.

Warnings: Has been known to cause indigestion, screaming fits, and outbursts of indignant rage. IMPORTANT: conservative irritant. Doesn’t support the troops. Refuses to advocate senseless violence, no matter the aggressor. Shake well before using.


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  1. I think it’s weird that our favorite quote is the same.

    ….like, REALLY weird.


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